Atomic Clock Radio

July 23, 2010
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Atomic Clock Radio, be on time! An Atomic alarm clock radio is the
reliable key to being on time in the morning. Atomic clock radios keep time
should the power go out overnight. Using the same technology that keeps the
US Military on time, your atomic alarm clock will keep you on schedule.
The atomic clock radio will not make you glow in the dark because the
majority of these bedside companions set automatically be linking to the
NIST radio in Boulder, CO. They use a very specific radio frequency to
update themselves so you don’t have to.
The atomic clock radio comes in different configurations. The standard
“digital atomic clock radio” acts as your typical clockradio only without
losing time. The Atomic Projection Clock actually projects the time onto
your wall or ceiling so you needn’t rollover to check the time. These
atomic projection clocks can even project the weather forcast for you so
you can skip the weather channel in the morning.
The product selection is quite broad as is the price range. You can get a
basic atomic clock radio for the price of the Gut Buster breakfast you’ll
have time for by not oversleeping. Conversely, you can buy the top of the
line atomic projection clock for the cost of a tank of gas.
The other consideration is the radio in “atomic alarm clock radio”. We’ve
all had that little woodgrain disappointment that wakes us to the soothing
sounds of static with a hint of music in the background. The better
offerings of atomic clock radios feature PLL Synthesized Digital Tuning to
keep your favorites playing loud and clear.
Whatever your budget you will find the best selection of “atomic clock
radios” here.

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July 21, 2011
By admin
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Sound familiar?

Not much new when the best is already here….

Atomic Clock Radios have been available at discount prices through our good friends HERE

Shopping for the best price or is convenience your thing? Never worry that your old sorry alarm let you down. Through the wonders of SCIENCE, you will have one less excuse for being late for work.

Thats what atomic clock radio scan do for you.

Sangean RCR-2 Digital Atomic Clock Radio with Dual Alarms

July 23, 2010
By admin
Sangean RCR-2 Digital Atomic Clock Radio with Dual Alarms

This modern clock radio is a step above the clock radios of the past. For starters, the radio updates its time automatically from the U.S. atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. While this may force you to work or school on time, the benefits of a constantly updated timepiece are critical in this fast-paced world. The radio even adjusts itself automatically for daylight saving time. The illuminated LCD screen gives you vital information, including: time, date, day of week (more…)

Sangean RCR-22 AM/FM Atomic Clock Radio

July 23, 2010
By admin
Sangean RCR-22 AM/FM Atomic Clock Radio

Sangean’s RCR-22 Clock Radio is the atomic clock radio you can set once and forget. It connects to the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado to set the most accurate time available. Once the clock is set you can program the dual alarms to wake to your favorite AM or FM station. Take advantage of the Humane Waking System that begins with a low volume beep and gradually increases in intensity to slowly wake you instead of receiving a firm jolt that others provide. There (more…)